This game was made for the GMTK JAM in under 48 hours, it is a (Puzzle?) platformer.  Now has an improved post jam version.

I am  working on it after the Jam and would like suggestions/feedback.


Arrow keys - move

Z - jump

X - shoot

R - restart level

up arrow  - open door

You can walljump of painted walls.


The Girl with the Gun [GMTK JAM].exe 3 MB
Post Jam - The Girl with the Gun.exe 3 MB

Development log


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I will give you credit, once I got to the room when I was supposed to work with 2 different mechanics, and jump over the spikes and up a wall, that is where it got challenging way too fast for me. The other levels if I struggled and failed I knew there IS a possible way, and I would soon get it. But this level just didn't have that thought for me to lean on. And I recommend that the player doesn't have to hit a button when using the door. It should just be when you collide with it. Or use a different button more easy feeling. It was odd for me to jump from Z to A with my finger. Maybe that is just me. Also I think "Z" is a very odd button to choose for jumping. You should have just thrown that in with the basic movement in arrows. Or use the "space" bar for jumping or maybe shooting. Anyways I still felt the need to want to play it, so that means it is still a game I like and want to continue playing, you had my attention the whole time. Well done. Music is also well done, from wherever you got it or created it.  But of course it is not easy to make a perfect game in 48 hours.

It wasn't really clear to me that you could wall jump. It's also pretty hard to jump against the wall , rotate and then jump especially the levels with the spikes. Where you need to rotate after you walljumped. Holding jump makes it a little bit easier.

The AZX key's play a little bit weird.

I'll post an update on the game soon, whith a few improvements including easier wall jumping and better controlls : )

It might be just me, but I'm having a lot of difficulty chaining wall jumps, if that's what I have to do after getting the gun. 

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In the game you don't have to wall jump from one wall to another, you do have to wall jump after jumping, and it is not very easy ;). Maybe it's a bit too hard and I'll have to change it (based on what the players say).

Edit: btw you're correct the gun is for wall jumping

I thought that at first, but after a while triying I ended up thinking that it was imposible to do it tthat way.